Not Lazy

I swear I’m not lazy… I just get really turned off by all of the freaky little fees for posting my songs… LOVE, Heather


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Debut continued…..

So, here are all of the rest of our songs from that night… enjoy!!! We can’t wait to work on our next muse: Halloween!!!!!!! – once again, we will be collaborating with the Tangent Gallery whose theme will be ‘Fear’ for that month! Whooo weeeee!camptangent.girlscoutJohnny, Suzie Loves You!!!!!I Carved up the Rafters…!Goat Man Part 1Goat Man 2Public Service Announcement!!!

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Paperboat Debut!!!

So, Eric and I had our first show at “Camp Tangent” this weekend… it was super super fun!!! In honor of summer campness I dressed up like a girlscout/indian and eric was a cowboy. I know my ancestors would not have approved of my haphazard face paint and the feather in my hair…(I’m 1/16 Cherokee!!!). It made us feel like we were back in the olden days, when camp was created for fake indian-ness and fun!!! The first song we played is called “I don’t like nature” and its from my perspective at like, age 10… and, well, up until just a few years ago… all of the other songs are directly written based on true-live accounts of camp stories from mosty Gioia Fonda (Eric’s wife and my super friend) who put in enough camp time for all of us…, as well as a great story told to me by my nephew Benjamin Frederick.


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Paperboat’s Mission

Alright, so here’s what happened… for the greater part of this year I’ve been trying to shed “The Heather Show!!!” for a new identity.  So I renamed myself “Paperboat!”  only to feel a sad longing every time I looked at my old “Heather Show!!!” backdrop.  But then, recently I asked myself, ‘what is Paperboat!?’ You can’t just go around changing your name and not doing anything new… at least, I can’t… Meanwhile, experimental things started happening at Gioia and Eric’s house every week.  See, those guys have billions of music possibilities at their house.  They are collectors of all things fun and they listen to so many different kinds of music and are self-taught, fearless music-fun friends as well as accomplished artists.  Ok, so I love bringing orphan songs to their doorstep and seeing what will happen… So, Gioia was co-curating an art show at the Tangent Gallery for August – the theme being ‘Camp.’  See, I never went to camp, but I REALLY wish that I had.  (I used to be allergic to nature)… so i interviewed some of my friends about their camp experiences,  harnessed some of my own camp longing, put that all in a cauldron, let it simmer, added Eric on his drum set,  added me with loud things and suddenly —  !!!! — We have Paperboat’s identity. These secret songs will be debuted on August 14th at the Tangent Gallery.  And as for The Heather Show!!!, personally, I still need her and her wispy songs.  I think Paperboat! will help The Heather Show!!! to not tip over into girl/feelings!/+guitar overdose, if you know what I mean…

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Last Summer with the Rea Sisters and Tom at Lake Michigan

REAs_NIGHTHere we have the very earliest recording and maybe my secret favorite of Night Wanderings… see how it has morphed over the course of a year.  This song with those Rea Sisters and Tom Neihus on the fiddle!!! was pure music magic for me.  Stephanie and Leiza really pulled out the ghost-y harmonies that night at their family cabin on the water.  Ahhhh how I go back in my mind to that little pontoon boat-and  float around with those muffins and my ukelele– you would have thought it was 1920-ish or so.

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Night Wanderings…


Today I begin to blog at you.  This will be a record I’ll keep for you about the latest developments of Paperboat! … Formerly ‘The Heather Show!!!”.  Its exciting times over here… I have the nicest neighbors ever.  I’ve been testing out some new equipment and baking for them to make up for all of the noise.  My downstairs neighbor asked me for a c.d. and wants to come to my c.d. release party– I love her because she made me feel complimented times 10–first having to put up with hearing me and then succumbing to my siren songs at last!!!  Thank you, Jessica.  Ok, so now I’ll attempt what has been so hard for me with this computer– I’ll attempt to paste my latest song on this post.  Enjoy!  -Heather     P_NIgHT_WANDERINGS

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